Anver M. Emon researches in the burgeoning field of Islamic law. With doctorates in both history and law, he researches Islamic legal history to reflect on the deployment of Islamic law in the past and the present across different regions.  

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In my work, the historical and jurisprudential study of Islamic law offers a two-pronged capacity for critique. First, it enables a critique of Muslim elites (both past and present) of varying persuasions who invoke(d) Islamic law to claim an Islamic mantle. Second, this type of research both interrogates the questions and parochializes the assumptions that inform North Atlantic scholarly production on Islamic law and much more. This two-pronged feature of Islamic legal research illuminates how preconceptions about law, rationality, and the “state” both animate and limit the ways in which “we” imagine politics, law, and knowledge. 

In addition to providing easy access to Emon’s oeuvre, this website directs visitors to other resources that may be of interest. Visitors will find the material herein helpful for understanding not only a major global legal tradition of our past and present, but also gain greater insight about how the study of our “Legal Other” can deepen our apprecation of the challenges that affect our world today.

For profile of Emon’s research, see the article in International Innovation.

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